Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assignment 1 & 2 (once) - Syllabus & Best Coolest

1. Become an author of this blog.
2. Answer the questionnaire I handed out in class, and post a link to your answers with the title "Best Coolest + (your name)". Label this post = Best Coolest
3. Read at least up to page 23 of Making Comics by Scott McCloud.
4. Read the Course Description that I posted on this blog, and review your notes.
5. For the "Syllabus + (subtitle)" response, let's keep it simple: Tell me one aspect about comics that you are most interested in learning. I will use this info to prioritize the specifics in class content. The depth and means by which you choose to respond is up to you. Don't forget to label this post = Syllabus


Bring drawing tools of your choosing for Monday's class, as we will be getting into our first creative application project.

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