Monday, May 2, 2011

Elective Assignments (extra stuff)

Elective assignments (see label). I'm really pleased with our upcoming curriculum, and look forward to seeing your responses and creative output. I also feel that this class will push you enough without pushing you too much.
-But some of you want to be pushed even more (I know I do). That is what elective assignments are for.
•What these assignments will NOT do is play into your final grade.
•What these assignments will do is provide an outlet for some of us to get together beyond the class and really push towards finishing a comic.

While there are no promises in the outcome, I can say that the formula of (1) collaboration, (2) deadline, and (3) art that results in a physical item, can equal very high quality work.

I used to think that making a comic was mostly about making a good story - but i was wrong. A smooth read in comics is a hard thing to accomplish. Even if you don't like a story, if it was easy to understand then I will applaud the artist/writer.

There is no way to cover everything we need to cover in a single term/semester. But the Elective Assignments will be there if you are looking for something more to do along other students, or want to propose something yourself.

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