Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MEKA - Christina LeBaron

1. Analyze: Milieu - Secondary
While Milieu was not the most dominant feature or drive in the story, it still played a large role in the background.  The author had to construct this world that appears to be not too different from our own, and yet it is either set in the future or in a more futuristic world.  The panels on the first page introduce the readers to a city that appears to be similar to many we have today on earth and then suddenly brings in giant fighting robots.  This not only gives us information about the technology and environment but also about the culture that the author constructed.  It tells us that there are battling factions that disrupt the safe harbor city that we were initially introduced to.
2. Rating: PG-13 for violence and brief implied nudity.
3. Springboard:The author would have had to know about the mechanics of robotics in order to make them appear believable. He would have also had to do some research on human driven robots.  

With this in mind, I looked up what kind of human driven robots have been made today and came across a skeletonics robot suit that was developed by some Japanese students.  It actually loooks to me a lot like the robot suits in Avatar. Here is a link to the video: Robot Suit

4.Apply:  I felt like this comic was very visual and how it took very little dialogue to convey meaning.  (This is awesome especially because it's in French and I don't understand any French)  I would like my own comics to be able to communicated everything clearly without the use of very much dialogue like Meka did.  I feel like Meka is a fantastic example of being able to do that.

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