Friday, May 6, 2011

Aileen's Highly Sophisticated Blog Post on the Jake Wyatt Presentation

(Philosophical voice) In my life I have found that I hate being ignorant, but fear to take those first few steps into unknown realms without a pioneer or professional to show the way fills me with anxiety. This is why I'm taking this class, even, so that the world of graphic novels can be opened to me and help me learn where and how to find comics I would actually enjoy reading and how the industry works. And so for these reasons I really enjoyed Jake Wyatt's presentation on the processes and the politics in the comic book business. He was the voice of experience opening my eyes to worlds I have not yet walked very far into.

(Normal voice) At first I was completely lost as to what his diagram was referring but as he continued it all became clear. Comics have two mediums on which to lay the burden of story: the images and the text. One of these need to be clear lest the story, and the reader, be lost. The examples he showed completely brought this lesson home. Also, an artist doesn't have to tie themselves down to one or the other but can allow switching between letting the words or the art carry the story.

My favorite thoughts he expressed were "Don't be afraid to throw things away when you know you can do better" and "An idea is not a product." I have a lot of ideas, but very few products. I used to be hard pressed to redraw images but ever since Joe's class I have become increasingly more willing. This just reaffirmed my new commitment to never stick to the first drawing. I was inspired to just go for it, try things out then try them again and again till they come out right! Go for the gusto! Try and fail and try and fail and try and succeed! You'll never reach success without trying. I liked it.

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