Friday, May 20, 2011

Contribute Short Comic Examples! + Bruce Timm - Conan's Favorite Joke

If you guys want to upload some short comic examples, here is what you need to know:

Labels: I'd prefer you click on the "Show all" button, and then choose the appropriate label: 1-3 page comics, 4-8 page comics, 9-14 page comics, 15-20 page comic, or 21-30 page comic
Don't forget to also include the Artist's name in the label as well.

Title the post with the name of the artist, and the title of the short.

UPLOADING: You can only upload images 5 at a time, and you'll have to start with the lastimage and end with the first; which is weird to do because it's the opposite. Any attempt to drag the images manually after you upload them will disengage the images ability to link to its larger component (which is necessary in order to read).

If this is too much of a headache, just post a link and at least one image preview.

I'm gonna load up another short comic (so that this post won't waste any space).

Bruce Timm

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