Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Project Treatments by Aileen

1. Idea
  • I've always wanted to sit on a tree in the median of a highway.
    *Idea from: Sitting in class doodling and throwing ideas around in my head during conversation, but originally there's an on-ramp onto a free way where as the road curves around there's a patch of grass and a tree perfect for sitting on that I really wanted to sit on as a kid.*
  • What if time travel kept your current age? (...So you can't travel further than your own life span. You travel nine years into the past and you are your 9 year younger self, or at least a duplicate of yourself...)
    *Idea from: That's something I've thought of a lot when watching any story with a time travel plot.*

1. In ancient times trees were able to personify their spirits allowing them to wander short distances from their roots and protect their tree selves, but very few have this ability now. 2. A girl tree spirit watches as the world grows and as roads are built surrounding her making her home the median of a freeway. 3. She decides she has been watching long enough and wishes to venture farther from her roots. 4. She finds a group of trees who are all lifeless (in the spiritual sense) and feels lonelier than when she was on the freeway median. 5. She returns to her tree and is content to watch the world go by, or 5. A car hits her tree ending her long life.


3 "panels"... I'll fix these.



  1. I see the connection here - the trick will be in combining your ideas in a way that it allows for good limitations in your world - which will lead to interesting conflicts - and then to interesting stories.

  2. Time passes faster from her perspective.

  3. You said you wanted the tree to be embodied as a girl, right? Maybe a limitation is that the spirit of a tree can only roam the area it was planted in, for her that means she can never leave the highway median. Maybe she's sad because the spirits of other trees get to see more of the world.

  4. Perhaps someone can live in the grassy area in a tree so their perspective of the world is completely observational. This person is able to independantly sustain themselves with a small garden and roadkill, but the river of cars that populates the highways traps the person there. They are completely ignored due to everyone trying to go their own way.

  5. Limitation: She's tied to a certain area--stuck near the tree. If she wants to roam she has to take part of the tree with her. The more she takes (leaf, branch, seeds) the further she can go.

  6. Oh, adding to Megan's idea! What if each time she takes a part of the tree with her to go somewhere it sacrifices a part of her own life, mind, or body.

  7. With time travel--you can go back in time, but you won't take your knowledge with you, so there's no informational or technological advantage or way of cheating for people to time travel.

  8. (Younhee)
    If the girl's lifespan is connected to the tree: Whatever happens to the tree will affect the girl. (A vehicle crashes into the tree-the girl's health is affected, Someone attempts to chop down the tree because it's in the way-the girl has to stop them, etc.)