Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heavy Liquid - Paul Petty

Analyze: Milieu - Secondary

I really agree with Adam on event being the primary part of this story. In addition to that, the feel of the comic is very distinct. People who are into drugs give off a certain personality that is very similar to the mood of this comic. The inking and line work has the bold grittiness that comes across when hanging out with someone who goes against the rules/law. The costume design and environments established in the story and character designs flow in that direction as well. It definitely sets the scene for a charismatic drug addict.

Rating: PG-13/R

Adam has already established an agreeable description of this rating. I'll elaborate with my own opinion. I think that the comic itself would technically be rated PG-13 with the way things were said and visually portrayed--language and nudity around the middle of the book. Though if it were a feature length film, then it would end up being rated R. The drawing style kept things from being too much in-your-face offensive.


This is a little interview with Paul Pope. I looked up a few other ones, but this includes a lot of his personality. I wanted to know what kind of guy he was. His style reminds me of a lot of friends I have back home. It turns out he's pretty cool.


I want the rock music style that comes through in Pope's work. Heavy Liquid seems like a self portrait of Paul Pope himself. Art work becomes dynamic when the artist's voice can be heard in the drawing.

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