Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jake Parker - Panels

Christina already covered a lot of this, but Jake Parker had lots of good info on comic panels. One thing he mentioned specifically was that the shape of the panel itself can convey information. Not every panel has to be just a square or rectangle. A tilted or unbalanced panel can create the feeling of chaos. A long vertical or horizontal panel can depict movement in that direction. Be creative with your panel shapes, use some variation.

This brought to mind a fantastic web comic called Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. The artist is very liberal with her use of panels and finds some very creative alternatives to just square and rectangles.

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  1. yeah!! when he was talking about panel shapes, I was like, "oh duh.. of course!" kind of interesting how the same is true in movies (diagonal/uneven shots, etc.)

    that first panel has a really cool and easy flow to it. fun stuff - thanks for sharing!