Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Powers: Psychotic" - Christina LeBaon

1. Analyze: Character - Secondary
While it wasn't primary in the story, I think that Character still played a significant role.  Where I noticed this the most was with Deena's character.  She is a cop, one of the good guys, but a little more than halfway into the book (SPOILER) she murders an ex boyfriend.  Not only does she murder him, but she doesn't turn herself in.  She covers the evidence.  It feels like her character goes through a shift in this story.  The line between good and bad, black and white, is blurred for her.  She learns how to really relate to the villains that she is pursuing.  This is confirmed with the flashback to when she was a new cop and finds that her partner was not really one of the "good guys."

2. Rating: R due to language (mostly the "F word") throughout the entire book, violence and gore, graphic images, nudity and sexual themes.  Even though all of these images are drawn somewhat "cartoony" or at least not realistically, I would not recommend this book to anyone under 18 or to anyone who is sensitive to any of these subjects.

3. Springboard
-He would hve had to know about police and detective work.  He would have had to know the process of police investigations, interrogations, etc in a fair amount of detail.  This would include all of the laws concerning the investigations.  Not only would he have had to know about the Justice Process, but he would have had to know it from a cop's perspective.  The Police Procedural probably would have also been important to be familiar with,

-As I did some digging on the process of police investigations I ran across this term, "Police Procedural."  I learned that the term doesn't refer to any real life police investigation processes but actually refers to a type of detective fiction, which attempts to convincingly depict the activities of a police force as they investigate crimes.  So, even though Powers is about or has superheros in it, I would still say that it could probably be classified as a Police Procedural piece.



    when you go to this link, check out the sections "your escape" and "post action regroup"

    These guys did their research.

  2. Oh wow. This is really interesting. It looks like it was written from experience.