Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SomeSortOfTitle - Younhee Burningham

1. Idea Stage
1. Really random “fairy tail”-ish story idea I thought of long time ago, and haven’t done anything much to,so this could be fun: Long time ago, the Peacock Witch punished the, um, “bad witch” that fed on humans. Because the Peacock Witch is the only being the “bad witch” is afraid of, the “bad witch” promises to only feed on rabbits forever. The “bad witch” then goes off to a faraway village where she slowly turns all the villagers into rabbits and eats the rabbit villagers one by one. The people secretly send off one of their young leaders that are fit enough to travel and have yet turned into a rabbit to find the Peacock Witch for help. They give the hero a peacock eye necklace that points in the direction of the Peacock Witch. The leader brings with him/her their loved one (sibling, parent, significant other, whoever) that has already turned into a rabbit with them on the journey.

2. I think I was pondering on art museums and thought ‘what if there is a hall of paintings where all the paintings are so realistically painted that it looks as though you could walk into them into a hallway? And what if one of them is actually a real hallway disguised by an art frame and all the other paintings, that leads to a some sort of a wonder-world or somethingthat a worker of the museum often sneaks out to and from to do his evil doings, and one (or a group) visitor accidentally finds it and falls into that world?’

3. DaVinci Code was how I first found out about albinism, and ever since I have been very interested and fascinated, especially in albino people. I want to make a story with albino characters. I think they could be misunderstood characters in their society, with many myths and superstitions hanging about them. I amthinking about a secret organization of albinos, where they hope to gather all the albino people together and live in peace by themselves, except some albinos do not like such idea and rebel. And maybe some of the myths may be true in this world; some could even have magical powers!

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2. Story stage:


(1) Albino girl Katie runs away from her miserable circus life and finds kind friends to maybe start a happy life with.

(2) The friends visit a museum together where a mysterious museum worker pushes Katie into an entrance of another world disguised as one of the paintings, where she discovers world of Albinos trying to live exclusively away from the normal world and its persecutions.

(3) Katie’s friends come to find her and she desires to return with them even if it means rebelling to the head Albino authorities of the world.

(4) Katie realizes she’s fighting against a bigger problem, and somehow manages to solve them.

(5) And everyone lives happily ever after,,,

(1) Being different leads

3. Appropriation & Style test AND Short story supplement stage:

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a) dominant MICE quotient: Character, or Idea - The main character struggles to find herself and to find out if she is needed in a society where she is a minority or to join in exclusive society with people of her kind.

b) Primary conflict: Prejudice/persecution for those that are different.

c) Theme: We sometimes need the differences in individuals for the benefit of society. Rather than shunning all the different people and looking down on a difference, we need to learn to appreciate and figure out how such differences can benefit the society. If we were all the same, we would only need one or two of us. It is because we are different that we need each and everyone for the benefit of society.

d) Major World rules and limitations: Albinos are magical in this story and are weaker in the sun and stronger under the moon.

4. Beta comic Stage

A thumbnail plan for beta comic pages:

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The Beta Comic is posted on the following post


  1. These are amazing ideas Younhee, I can't wait to see you try and put these together for your story - the process will be crazy-fun.
    The first idea is hilarious, and surprisingly gruesome (I mean, with every moment the traveling villagers are away from their homes, someone could be eaten. . . (shivers). Idea 2 will have some interesting possibilities as far as world rules and limitations are concerned. And idea 3 could also deal with extreme cases of racism and such - I personally know some (Samoan) albino's, let me know if you want any info on my experiences with them.

  2. The leader has to always on guard to protect his loved one who is now a rabbit. Everyone in the region loves rabbit.

  3. Limitation--you can't go back through the same portrait--they're all one-way travel only. You need to find artwork within the world to pass through.

  4. With the hallways/painting idea, the painting have a psychic link with those who look at them. (Kind of like the room of requirements in Harry Potter) The painting will become a hallway but it will only take you where you need to go, not always where you want to go. It could be helpful to the travellers looking for the Peacock witch.

  5. The paintings are only accesible at certain points. Destroying a painting (tearing it) breaks that "window" or altering the painting alters the world behind it.

  6. When a person is turned into a rabbit at first they are still cognizant and are able to communicate. But there is only a limited amount of time before they lose their humanity altogether.