Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Story-Megan Lloyd


Idea: [Comes from cloud-gazing] Civilization/cities in the sky, treated like living on the ocean.

Idea 2: [I wanted a new take on zombies] Hacks. Human/machine combinations programmed for combat. When the human host dies, the machine keeps on going, adapts, builds on to itself.

1. The world is recovering from a war fueled by science gone mad. 2. Lucia is a government operative charged with tracking down, neutralizing, and destroying Hacks. 3. She confronts a target she's been hunting for weeks. 4. Their fight ends in a draw and the thing escapes rather than destroying her. 5. Lucia realizes the human component of the hack is the man she used to love.

STAGE 3: Panels

STAGE 4: Beta Comic


  1. the obvious connection would be a separation of rich (sky cities) and poor (potential hosts for the Hacks), but I wonder if you'll come up with a more interesting connection than that?

  2. Maybe the machine part is only a suit that people wear when they go into combat. For safety a person is only allowed to wear the suit for say 12 hours. If you wear it longer than that the suit starts fusing with the human and causes serious problems. Maybe people didn't think to take a fallen comrade out of the suit once he died, and then the suit took over automatically.

  3. A possible limitation for the hacks are that they are overmind controlled, but have a relative distance that they usually maintain. Like a signal radius. This means they would more than likely travel as a hoard, leaving the hacks that are left behind to act for themselves. Since they have difficulty making their own choices, they read limited info from what is left of the brain and try to take on the persona of the person that they inhabited.

  4. What if the floating city has limited resources and people have to go down to the earth every now and then to get resources like food, water, oil, etc.

    And the people who live on the earth don't like the people from the sky cities so the people from the sky city have to avoid being persecuted/killed/captured/whatever while gather and hauling all the resources back.

  5. Limitations

    1. Hosts transfer some of there memories/personalities.

  6. (Younhee)
    For Idea 2: As more and more of the human hosts die, and the machines are becoming more populated than humans, some of the remaining humans seek refuge (Like, to the cities in the sky).
    Or maybe there will be a final battle between the remaining humans and the machines?

  7. Once the human host dies, the machine parts can move on to other humans, but they carry some of the personality or memories of the previous host.

  8. Limitations that I naturally think about for the sky city are what kind of technologies have the people had to acquire and use in their daily lives in order to survive in their sky cities? How do the cities stay airborne? Can the cities move? Are they used for transportation? Does the population need to use oxygen mask in order to breathe at that altitude? What kinds of effects has living in these sky cities had on the bodies of the people? Are there new diseases?
    Living on the sky cities the population must wear oxygen breathing masks at all times, even sleep. Therefore they must live their lives with no facial affection or touch. There is no such thing as kissing anymore.

  9. Maybe there is a difficult decision: the machines are becoming more peaceful and organized while remaining humans are becoming savage, and it makes it difficult to want to destroy them...

    Also, if you want to study stories with a similar theme, you should watch Last Exile sometime.

  10. thinking about cities in the sky...

    the cities are floating in the sky because of cool special floating technology that can be easily disabled.

  11. After re-reading the page, I realized that I missed that she was relocating her shoulder in the first panel (re-reading the page won't happen under normal circumstances). "Crack" might be the right word - maybe "click" or "snap" or something. Now, if your justification is that this is but a mere section of a larger story, I'll bite, but it seems by the way you're narrating this page that this could be a first pager, in that case you would like to avoid missing the info in the first panel.
    Note on style: The inverted style, while really nice (I hope that you keep at it), lacks in figure/ground design; I would work on that, because without it your approach will come off as 'gimmicky". I know you can still pull off an inverted style and while retaining a good balance of light - medium - and dark values.
    Also, you need to account for an appropriation of an actual place in these panels.

  12. The sky city looks so awesome, even in such a rough stage :)