Monday, May 2, 2011

Syllabus-How to successfully tell stories in comics

What I hope to gain from this class would simply be this:

I want to learn about and hopefully obtain the skills that are needed to eventually creating successful comics myself.

(Whether it be through broadening my knowledge of comics and its history, whether it be improving the story development and story telling skills, whether it be familiarizing myself with all the mediums and tools that are available to enhance the story telling, I want to learn them).

As of now, from the class discussions, course description, and having read few pages from Making Comics, I feel that practice coming up with stories and applying the story telling tips shown in the text by actually drawing comics, and then finding examples of certain skills and tips we are learning in an already published work, might be the best way to achieve the goal. But that is only my current idea of how I, an amateur student, think this could be best done.

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