Sunday, May 1, 2011

Syllabus - Story

When I first entered the class I wasn’t sure what to expect but after the class discussion and after reading the first chapter in Making Comics I feel like the aspect I am most interested in learning about comics is the story aspect. I am probably most interested in this aspect because it is one that I struggle with myself. I am also curious about how stories in a comic differ from stories in other media like a novel or film. What more is required and what isn’t? I am also interested in learning how the story is told in a comic book in order for it to be understood. How much experimenting can one do before the story is no longer clear? There’s so much I’m interested in learning but story is probably what I am most interested in right now.

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  1. You are already putting together great questions to ask in terms of making an awesome story - this is awesome. It means that all we need to do is to find some good example stories for you to compare and contrast - and in terms of the questions you've asked: what stories fail and which ones succeed? I'll try to see if I can't integrate some of your questions into the way we formulate our weekly graphic novel reading responses. Thank you.