Monday, May 2, 2011

Syllabus - Story!!!

I’m most interested in learning about the story aspect of comics.

More specifically a couple of things I came up with:

What have/are people doing to tell stories well?

-from panel to panel, page to page, cover to cover, etc.

-with style of art and style of page layout

-some of the more creative /unconventional (yet still effective) methods

I haven’t been exposed to many comics, so I feel like there’s a bunch of story devices going on in the panel itself to a more global scale of the entire comic book itself being used that I’m not aware of… I would like to become more aware of what’s going on with this story thing, so that I can use these concepts and perhaps even make innovations on my own comics.

I actually VERY excited for this class. I’m planning on doing a 10 page comic for my Illustration BFA project next year, and I’d like to get as much development and application from this class into my BFA project as possible.


  1. Reminder to self: Paul Pope's 100% sharpie comic blueprints (a kodansha device). Sorry if you don't understand that, but for anyone trying out an ambitious goal as you are, kodansha devices are a must!

  2. David Mack's first "Kabuki" graphic novel, is one of a handful of BFA project-comics that have gone on to sell well in the comics arena.