Friday, May 6, 2011

Syllabus Subtitled with my name - Aileen

As I was sitting in class allowing my mind to casually think about what it Is that I Want, the conclusion was very clear : I want to know what to read.

I have tried on a few occasions to read comics but when I would read the issue I would realize I was halfway through the series or that it was simply not as interesting as the cover. Where and how do I find what I would enjoy? I have read several manga simply because they are easy to browse through but I want to see what kind of stuff do we make? What's superman's story? I love Superman, always have, but which series would I not be angry with the portrayal of my hero? And which one would not be too corny and dull? (A very delicate balance is needed here.) So how do I judge one comic from another? That's the main question I think.

Also, I want to learn the processes of making a comic. Are there teams or do people usually work alone? What's the job aspect like? (Now after I have written this we learned a little from Jack Wyatt - very cool.) Does it have to be ink?

Let's not forget history, I really enjoy learning about the evolution of genres, styles and characters.

To top all of that off I would also like little homework. >_< I'm just so tired all of the time now...

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  1. I remember shunning a lot of comics 10 years ago that I am absolutely in love with now. There are a lot of things that can be said about that, but in general I would say that my reading sophistication grows with every chance reading. Great endings and great books eventually are bought, but even the failures are greatly appreciated - I think this is because I care about the burden of storytelling. I see books in light of their efforts as opposed to the ending results. Some gems can still be found in the most interesting of places.
    This is just my view of things. When I think about how it is I love such a diverse amount of stroytelling styles, I atribute it to being a fellow storyteller - equipped with both the tools to analyze beyond entertainment as well as the respect for those PUTTING PICTURES TO THEIR IDEAS. This is overtly optimistic, but I think there is at least some worth in the ideas that have had pictures put to them.