Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tout Seul - Britta Frazier

1. Falling Action -*Spoilers* The climax of this story seems to be when the deformed man reads the word "Prison" in his dictionary, this finally pushes him to make changes in his life which leads to the story's falling action. He frees his fish, throws his beloved dictionary out to sea and ultimately decides to leave the lighthouse. This is the action that leads towards the resolution of getting off the lighthouse island for good.

2. PG. For language (but only if you read the translation), and the deformed man's appearance would be frightening to a younger audience. No violence, no nudity.

3. Springboard - The artist would need a good eye for drawing technical things like ships and lighthouses. I've never been very good with inorganic stuff like that so I know I'd need lots of reference. Also, even though the year is not really important the artist would need to have a good idea of his story's timeframe to make sure the technology of the boats was on par.

4. Apply - I really admired this artists ability to create bautifully interesting moment to moment shots. Large portions of the book are just panels of birds flying or waves crashing but he has them placed so that they really help the timing and flow of the entire story. It's a good reference.

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