Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Treatment - Paul Petty


1. Brothers (yen and yang in personality)

One is a robot. He’s the methodical, organized, patient, etc. The other is a chimp—a crazy poo flinging ape. They are not necessarily related as brother in a literal sense, but there relationship is tight like that. The monkey makes messes and is energetic about it. The robot just takes his primate’s crap and cleans up after him. Their differences make them good foils for each other. Deep down inside, they enjoy working together.

2. Communication (sign language)

These characters use sign language to talk. They don’t speak vocally. [Jared mentioned using icons.] Communication is on a very simplistic level—like animals. They know each other so well that they wouldn’t even need to talk if they could. Their communication skills gained in their muteness actually benefits them at times when they have to work outside the ship. The robot took out the radios in the suits because the monkey likes to scream for unexplainable reasons.

3. Space Travel (Ray Bradbury Style)

These two guys are traveling though space in a starship/rocket. They are going somewhere, and they have a job to do. But, space travel takes a long time no matter where you are going. They often end up with a lot of down time. What do you do on a spaceship everyday for days on end?


1. A robot and monkey are sent off through space as Earth’s first test run for interplanetary space travel.

2. They find a spaceship on their way to a new solar system.

3. The spacecraft is sending an S.O.S. so they both go in to investigate.

4. The original crew is dead except for a little girl in a cryogenic freezing capsule that is losing life support.

5. The robot sacrifices his own parts and energy to repair the capsule and save the life of the child.

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