Tuesday, June 7, 2011

100 Percent, Chad Ruger (Heavy Liquid Replacement)

1. Idea, Secondary:
  In this comic, which is a telling of three seperate stories, the main idea is to create a fourth over-arching story that connects all of the peoples individual stories.  Themes like staying true to ones self, and finding and losing love, and overcoming obstacles are all important stories are all told through these seperate stories, but it becomes the combining of these stories that creates a chemistry and a meaning to all the others.  It shows that we all have lives and that we are all connected by fragments of interaction with each other.  The stories themselves are most important but facilitate these over-arching idea.

2. R - Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language

3. Springboard -
      I think one thing that stands out to me in these comic is that the author has given a lot of thought about the existence of man, art, sex, and human desire.  I don't know how much he studied these things, but he does say that he wanted to create a story specifically exploring sex, but i think in doing so, he had to research human need and desire.  Oddly, some sources equate desire with that of Greed, but Paul Pope genuinely shows us that desire can lead to bad and good equally.  That desire has a peculiar way of creating attachments.

4. I learned that it is possible to combine several stories into one, and that doing so can draw a reader in even more.  I never realized it until now but authors do it all the time when they tell stories about characters who are not together.  The switch between each characters story adds suspense and depth and it is something that I would really like to add into my own stories.

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