Monday, May 9, 2011

Chad Ruger - MEKA *Spoilers*

1. Analyze:
Idea – Primary

The idea (from what I gather) is to put forward the idea that there is a large war going on between 2 factions (2 very opposing designs) and that it is happening on such a large scale that nowhere is safe. The idea is put forth by showing a casual day at a harbor full of unsuspecting people where all out war descends from the sky and proceeds without any regard for life on this harbor. The reason I chose Idea as the primary function of the comic is because everything else seams minor and only facilitates the readers understanding of the idea.

2. Rating: PG -13 for Graphic Bodily Violence and Brief Nudity. The nudity however is not sexual in nature and is done tastefully.

3. Springboard:
The knowledge required for this comic was vastly architectural. The inner workings of the Mechs, the harbor, and the destruction was all a very important element in the story. Something I didn't previously understand about harbors is that a harbor is generally considered a safe place where ships can be protected from storms and other sea related dangers. It is a base of sorts as it has fortifications built to protect it from the outside influence of the ocean. I found it interesting that the artist creates very well this safe place and then destroys it.

4. Apply
If I were to apply this to one of my own stories, I think it would fit well into the opening montage of my world breaking story. Where a safe place that is seemingly prepared for anything is destroyed by an unthinkable force. By creating that safe place for a reader, it is easier to surprise them and pull them into the story.

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  1. Good analysis on the idea. the juxtaposition of the pilots at first creating a type of world and then having to experience the world of their own creation is an idea that is very central to this story. And I think I can agree that it could be primary, but I'll just have to wait and see what someone has to say about this story's Milieu. No need for any corrections, let's just keep an eye on this for later and continue this conversation in class on some later date.