Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Comics - Aspect to Aspect

One of the first things I noticed, and loved, about MEKA was it's flagrant use of aspect to aspect  composition.  The power of aspect to aspect is incredible as well.  Just looking at the scan, you can see that you have a slim, but distant establishing shot.  It changes aspect to show a zoomed view of a harbor.  It changes from aspect to aspect giving you an overall view of the harbor from different angles and distance.  My favorite aspect is the second to last panel where you see the shot from the feet of the people.  It pulls you right in!  It pulls you right into the scene with the people making you a part of the action.  This continues throughout the rest of the comic.  One of it's best uses bythe artist is that while the robots are fighting, you will get a quick panel thrown in the middle of the same fight, but from the aspect of a person, so small and so weak...


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  1. Good observation. I believe this page is also a good example of the principle talked about on the top half of page 164 in Making Comics - and perhaps one of the biggest stylistic differences between Eastern and Western world comics.