Monday, May 16, 2011

Chad Ruger - Yossel Review

1. Analyze: Event - Primary
The primary purpose of this novel is to recreate an environment for the reader in which we can experience, through the eyes of fictional characters, a historical atrocity.  The characters are more of a vehicle for the telling of the facts and only really range  from sorrowful to more sorrowful.  The depth and interest come from the historical event itself, and not the story specifically.

2. Rating: PG-13
Although there is no language and only backside nudity (butts), I would almost rate this at a PG level.  The thing that really makes it more adult is it's themes.  The depiction of the dead bodies are abstract and skewed and are non-graphic in nature.  But the depth of sorrow conveyed is just so darn heavy...

3. Springboard:
Kubert's information is sound.  By the end of the book, you can tell that this story is very personal, even though it is fictitious, because it could have been his reality.  You can tell that he did his research and his depictions are accurate.  His Jewish heritage helped him with this story as well, as he was able to pull from his own upbringing for the writing of the different Jewish characters.
The thing I researched was the medical experiments performed and needless to say,  can understand that out of all the atrocities mentioned in the graphic novel, this was was glazed over as I will do so here. 

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