Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Comics - Chad Ruger #2

In Making comics, on page 81 it says that "almost any story can be evaluated by its ability to PROVOKE EMOTION in the reader... and there is no stronger conduit to your reader's emotions than through the emotions of the character you create for them."

The mood and emotion set across in Yossel is done with two things, Facial expression and gesture.  As demonstrated by the above picture, it is easy to tell that the man in the foreground is in charge and that the man in the back is worn down, and broken.  Facial expression and gesture (especially in the soldiers hand) make it strong and evident how we are supposed to feel.  We are supposed to sympathize with the main character in this part of the story.  We are supposed to feel the way that he does; an after thought, there to be barked orders at and at the end of the day, disposable.

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