Monday, May 23, 2011

Hellboy: The Coqueror Worm

1. Analyze:
Milieu - Secondary
The story revolves around an old castle, where Nazi experiments took place.  Though it is a fantastic setting and is necessary to drive the plot, the setting is secondary because it only creates a mood.  You could move the setting to anywhere you wanted and the story could stay roughly the same.  But what a great place to create it.  The architecture, the high mountains and everything else created this setting of solidarity and loneliness.  A perfect place to fight and stop a world destroying monster.

2. Rating:
PG-13.  Violence and Zombification of Nazis.  And some mild language.

3. Springboard:
Obviously, Mignola is very much infatuated with Nazis.  He see's them as a source for not only ultimate immorality and evil but also a place where endless possibilities in story can be explored.  Researching it a bit, I found that Mignola uses Nazis in other stories (Baltimore) and they are always the source of evil.
I imagine he had to do a lot of research on The Third Reich as well as architecture.

4. Apply:
So far, something that I can apply from this story into my own comic is story progression.  The entire comic felt like a half hour long TV show.  Very stand alone, with hints of an overarching theme, complete with a teaser at the end.  The progression seemed to me to be quick paced, never lingering or beating a dead horse on any one idea.  I really like that seeing as how I have a tendency to want to over explain things.

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