Monday, May 23, 2011

Solanin - Britta Frazier

1.Event: Secondary. *Spoilers* The biggest event that happens in this book is Taneda's death. It doesn't happen til half way through the book but it sets a lot of action in motion. It's the event that makes all the characters start reconsidering what's important in their lives. It's also the event that makes Meiko decide to learn the guitar and join Taneda's band. However the event is secondary to the characters themselves and their emotional journey.

2. Rating: PG-13. But specifically for older teens. Mild language. One panel of bare breasts on pg 20. Bed scene pg 58-59. The main character is living with a boy she's not married to, some people may find that inappropriate.

3. Springboard: The artist would have to be pretty familiar with the Japanese college culture, specifically with college music clubs. It plays a major part in the story and it seems to be fairly unique to the culture. Also, a in depth knowledge the technicalities of music and instruments would be needed (drawing guitars is hard!)

4. Apply: After having Jake Parker come and talk to us about comic panels I became really aware of how they were used in Solanin. The biggest thing I noticed was that the stale look of panel after panel is broken up by the placement of the word bubbles. Almost all the world bubbles overlap the panels, helping move the reader's eye and make the whole page feel more unified. It gave the comic an appealing aesthetic and I'm going to keep that in mind when drawing my own comic.

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