Monday, May 16, 2011

Treatment-Lauren Oppenlander

1. A girl putting away books in the library finds one that probably could be the worst book ever written. Problem is, it's sentient and telekinetic. And after years of no one bothering to finish reading him, he's determined to make it happen. And he's not taking no as an answer.

-started as a daydream in old testament

2. Pete and Repete are twins conjoined at the hip. Pete's really smart, Repete bites, both don't seem to be aiming for heaven.

-after seeing a documentary about twin girls attached at the head, and learning about parasitic twins, a series of "what if's" ensued.


  1. Limitation: The book doesn't know anything outside of what's written in itself.

  2. the twins are joined at the finger tips but share a main artery making separation fatal.

  3. The book actually has the ability to transport people into the world of it's story. And people can only escape once the story is finished. However the people can have influence over the story by questioning the narrators's logic.

  4. The book itself doesn't actually know what is written inside of it, having never been read.

  5. What happens if the girl rips out the pages? Do the torn papers still have to be read?

    The book just needs some lovin'. The book can turn to the right words to say what it feels, but the girl needs to write questions in it first.

    Pete can't get dates, because Repete's always gnashing his teeth or biting anyone who gets close.

  6. the book can only use telekinesis while it's not being read.