Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Pictures - Aileen Thomas

1. Idea - Secondary. *Spoilers* As the story begins we are introduced to a girl who is being brought into some kind of investigation concerning art. She knows her investigator who is demanding but although she refuses to answer questions straight or at all. But what is their relationship? As the story continues we go to different times and places in her life, piecing together the puzzle that is she. However she lies and evades questions most of the time making this puzzle difficult to decipher. Nonetheless we come to discover that this man is more of a mystery than she is. We learn about their relationship finding that they are lovers but she refuses to love him, yet must want to please him somewhat by bringing him the art he requested and by showing up to be questioned at all and thereby that mystery is solved...ish. (Note - this is not the guy in the picture, but it sums up her attitude.)

2. Rating - PG. It has some paintings drawn in it which are nudes, so it's tasteful but requires maturity. Also, starting on page 83 there's a scene where the fact that these two are sleeping together but nothing more is shown. The F word is somewhere in there, but its use is odd and when I tried I couldn't find it again. The fact that it is used at all merits a 13 but it was used so oddly that I hesitate...

3. Springboard - A lot of art history had to be known. It was necessary to know little known works of art held in basements as well as famous works that were originally held in this museum in France and where they were moved to. I did some research on what the Chateau du Loc Dieu and the Chauvigny which are said to maybe hold a copy of the Mona Lisa, but the former I could only find information in French (google translate made it sound like a dump) and the latter is a popular tourist location.

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