Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jake Parker, Missile Mouse, and you. (+RW)

Jake Parker will be taking the reigns for this Monday's class. There are just too many cool things Jake has been involved in to say in this little post, so instead of saying it all here, go find out for yourselvesHERE; (that's an order).

Mandatory: Before this monday's class, you are required to read all of Jake's sample comicbook work online, you can find it >HERE<, and then click on "COMICS".

I have only recently go into Jake's work. I have the first volume of Missile Mouse on order, and will make it available to you in time. Jake's work can also be found in the "FLIGHT" story collections.

Just as we did with Jake Wyatt's day of instruction, you are required to document things of note in a post (labeled "Jake Parker" and "Wow") by the following Wednesday night.

In other announcements, we have Ryan Woodward to teach you a thing or three on Monday June 6th. You'll need to read his Darkhorse-published 4-issue "Invincible Ed". I'll bring a copy on Monday for you all to take turns reading before June 6th.

If you haven't taken the time to formally go through his website - you'll need to do that before June 6th. Check it out >Here<.

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