Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Younhee's Response to Jake Wyatt's Presentation

His presentation was very helpful and I hope he comes again for the future classes for other students as well.

Something that wasn’t covered yet in any of the previous posts is his brief Photoshop “tutorial”. He showed us how to lock transparent pixels to color the lines, and also about the Blue channels to import just the lines from a scanned in drawing. It was very short, on the side note thing, but it was a very valuable thing for me to learn and would have saved me so much time! It was also inspiring thinking about all the different ways those tips could be very useful in, and all the effects I could rather easily add to my works.

I’d like to add few quotes as I paraphrased in my sketchbook from his presentation just in case it helps the previous posts and insights:

“Illustration is essay that has relationship to existing work.”

“Illustration is comment to text that gets across information, comment that gets story across and get the readers to feel the intensity of the story.”

“The play between the words vs. pictures is what makes comic cool”

“Idea becomes worth something when it is executed, otherwise it is worthless.”

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