Monday, May 23, 2011

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Vol 2, Aileen Thomas

!. Character: Primary. Nausicaa herself is a main driving force of the story. She lived a peaceful life but because of war and impending destruction she learns love for all living things and fights to change the road the world is taking.

@. Rated E10 - for cartoon violence

#. Springboard: A lot of bug study must have gone into this to inspire the creatures in the Sea of Corruption. Turns out that the Roly Poly or the Pill Bug is actually called an Armadillidiidae! (No wonder we gave it a nickname.) And it's a "terrestrial crustacean" meaning a shrimp that walks on land. Owners of tarantulas often have some armadillidiidae in the cage with it because they clean - eating feces, mold and stuff. Others try to feed it to pet iguanas but it's not a good idea since they can sometimes poison them. I bet a study of these bugs was an incredible benefit to the process of creating this story. Also they can live for 3 years which as far as I've learned is really good for a bug. Amazing!

$. Over and over again I learn that you should study reference and it will inspire you more. Perhaps Miyazaki knew that he wanted to do a story about Nausicaa and bugs and studied the Armadillidiidae and decided that the cleaning and poison aspects would really add to the story, who knows? So I plan on studying more about trees so that I can know what kind of tree I want and maybe learn something new that will affect the story itself.

The Ohmu are coming for your children...

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