Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"The Sandman: Season of Mists" - Ryan Stevens

1. Analyze: Character - Primary

Character is definitely the Primary focus in this Graphic novel. Most all of the narrative runs through the central character. The main character is Morpheus of the Endless. He is the ruler of the Dream Realm and he is all powerful there. I assume that is where the book gets its title from, seeing that "The Sandman" is a name routinely used as the name of the being that brings dreams to humankind as they sleep. We almost always are viewing the narrative as a third person as we follow Morpheus throughout his journey. If we are away from Morpheus at any time usually the subject matter is still strongly concentrated on him.

2. Rating: R

This Graphic novel has quite a bit of violence and nudity. There are graphic depictions of people being tortured in Hell. There is partial and suggested nudity throughout the book. Coarse language is used many times in the novel as well as sexual themes and sexual innuendos.

3. Springboard:

For this graphic novel the writers and artists would need a good understanding of how Heaven and Hell are described and depicted by many different religions and cultures. They would have to have knowledge of the names of these places, what types of places they are, what they look like and who inhabits them.
I researched the different names for Heaven and Hell for different cultures and religions so I could see what they are like. Some for Hell are Gehenna, Hades, Abaddon or Tararus. Some for Heaven are Arcadia, Elysium, Shangra-La and Utopia. I found this very interesting.

4. Apply:

Seeing that my treatment deals with the issues of morality and right and wrong, it will be important for me to do research to find out what the majority of the world believes is moral and what is considered as not moral. This issues of right and wrong can change drastically depending on your point of view, your culture or your religion. I will also need to remember to be sensitive to other peoples beliefs and cultures in my treatment if i expect it to have success with many different readers.

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