Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Story -(c) Christina LeBaron

Idea Stage

1. In the distant future on a planet covered mostly by water (much more covered than Earth) two colonies (an ocean colony, and a land colony) are in a war against each other.
-A Dream I had a couple of years ago.
(There's my sentence but I've actually cooked up a bit more to this idea.  I was going to elaborate more on it but after I finished typing it, well it was kind of long, so maybe I'll edit and add it later so that no one is initially overwhelmed by my post and doesn't bother to read it.)

*Edit 5/16/2011* Okay, here's the extension to the idea above!
In the future Earth has colonized an inhabitable planet that consists mostly of water.  As time passes Earth becomes less and less concerned with it's colonies on the distant planet (Earth probably has it's own problems going on).  The colony eventually grows to be too large for the land and the colony splits into two colonies (water and land).  As earth grows more and more distant the colonies set up their own governments, economies, etc.  Tension grows between the colonies and eventually war breaks out.

A few years into the war (this is where I imagine the story starting) during an attack on the water colony the young son (from 12-16 about) of the chief/king/dictator/mayor/whatever of the water colony is captured by the land colony.  The land colony leadership decides to keep the son (because he is so young) with a general or something, instead of imprisoning him with all of the other adult POW's.  A month or so later the boy somehow gets back to the water colony and realizes after living on the land colony how corrupt the water colony is and how crappy life is for the water colony.  (This makes sense to me because leadership would have complete control over the limited resources and such).

He decides to try and help the land colony win the war by passing on vital information and sabotaging water colony attempts at attacks and a variety of other dangerous exciting things, in hopes of improving life in the water colony. So by doing this he is betraying his colony, people, and family.
*End Edit*

2. Scientists have figured out how to breach the 9th dimension and can now travel to other universes.  Each universe is essentially the same, with only very minor differences.  The characters travel to so many alternate universes that they lose track of which is which and eventually become lost.  They are trying to find their way back to their own dimension and by the end we never know if they really made it back.
-Discussions with my dad, Star Trek, and Inception

3. A geeky, socially awkward boy is cursed to have every woman he comes in contact with (besides family) fall in love with him.
(I never imagined combining this idea with the above ideas, but that is the challenge!)
-Not sure what brought this idea on, but it came to me as I was eating dinner one day.

*Edit- 5/18/2011*
Story Stage(for the shorter story, I think I'll do a sort of "prequel" to the story idea above)
(1)This takes place in the water colony in the midst of a newly begun war with the land colony while times are still somewhat prosperous.  (2)A young woman, who is also trained in witchcraft, is happily being courted by the heir to the throne of the water colony, but finds out she is being cheated on.  (3)She confronts her fiance about the issue but is completely betrayed. (4) She puts a horrible curse on his future first born child. (5) The witch becomes more and more secluded as time passes until she turns truly into a withered old witch.

*Edit - 5 /25/2011*
3. (a) Appropriation & Style test + (b) Short story supplement stage:

MICE Quotient: Character
Primary Conflict:
Theme: Betrayal & Addiction
Major World Rules/Limitations: Under water, limited resources, dark magic requires a price, limited light

Beta Comic
  It's still all very rough and unreadable but here's what I have so far.  The whole thing is 11 pages, but I don't have much drawn for the last page



  1. lots of cool potential here - If I were making sense of these ideas I would watch any alternate universe or time traveling episode of Star Gate SG1 for ways to weave together the weird.

  2. I did edit the post so that there was more to my ideas but apparently blogger has been having some problems and the newest edited version of the post wasn't restored. =/ I'll have to go in and re-edit it.

  3. Limitation: On the Big Bang Theory, there is a character who is so terrified of women he can't speak while they're around. What if this character really can't function socially around women and they get taken advantage of?

  4. The girls only ever like him for a few days. He can't seem to keep interest because of his awkwardness and his curse.

  5. Maybe there are travel limitations between the water and land colonies. A citizen can only get like a 3 day pass to visit the opposite colony. And the pass takes at least a week to process. So if anyone needs to get to the other colony for something urgent it takes a long time.

  6. The geeky guy has women falling in love with him, but every time he starts to fall in love with one of them he's launched to a different dimension.

  7. Hahaha! I like Paul's idea.

    The people of the ocean world have a hard time with the dryness of the land colonies and often contract sicknesses.

  8. socially awkward geeky boy - women only fall in love with him if he makes eye contact with them.

    or maybe fall in love as long as he's socially awkward and geeky, which is funny to me because becoming not socially awkward and geeky to break the curse seems like a weird catch 22 kinda thing.

    also, what Paul said... haha.