Monday, May 30, 2011

Solanin - Christina LeBaron

1.Analyze: character-Primary
Character seemed to play a very large role in Solanin.  The story follows these characters who are at a point in their life where lots of changes are happening and decisions are being made.  These characters are seeking happiness and a purpose to life, while going through character changes in the persute of that answers.  A first big shift in character his the big decisions by Meiko at the beginning of the story to quit her job.  Later on another big change happens when she decides to learn how to play guitar and be in the band.  This decisions seems like a way to not only keep Taneda alive but also let Meiko move on with her life and be happy.  

2. Rating: PG-13 for nudity (a bare breast), a bed scene, and some mild offensive language.  Recommended for older teens.

3. Springboard: The author would have had to know about college life in Japan and life after college for young people in Japan.   The stages of life in Japanese culture would have been important to know, especially the challenge of transitioning to adulthood.  

As it turns out, Japan's legal age to become an official adult is a bit of a controversy.  Currently the age is 20 years old, but some think it should be lowered to 18.  The problem with lowering the age is that maturity differs from person to person.  Some people are ready to take on adult responsibilities and privileges, like drinking, marriage, voting, etc. while others are not.  
Another interesting fact: Japan has universal education up to 15 (but 99% of people attend high school beyond that). Full-time employment, also allowable from 15.

4. Apply: I paid a lot of attention to body language in this comic, mainly because it was what I read about recently in making comics and I really like how the artist uses the body language to convey meaning.  Gestures and stances are important and I want to use that to tell what's going on in my own comics.  I also found the panels and everything to be very easy to read and follow.

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