Thursday, May 26, 2011

Story - Britta Frazier

1. Idea
-Classic western with a role reversal, the mysterious sharpshooting stranger who wanders into town (and always seems to be played by Clint Eastwood) is a woman.
-A person that can only be seen in water (in the rain/in a lake).

I'm pretty sure the first idea was directly inspired by this picture:
I haven't actually seen the Good the Bad and the Ugly, but I love this costume so much. I drew a character wearing a more fashionable female version of this outfit and thought hey, there could be a story here.
The second idea I've had for a long time. Noticing that it's almost mandatory for chick-flicks to have a kissing scene in the rain...
...I thought "What if you were in love with someone who you could literally only see in the rain?" That got my mind wandering and creating this odd species of human that is
invisible when not in water. But I think for this story I don't want to use this rain person as a romantic interest.

2. Story
1) A mysterious woman wanders into a small old west town, not long after arriving she manages to tick off the town's small but violent gang 2) She has come in search of her father's killer, the elusive invisible man who can only be seen or harmed in water 3) She
knows that the weather changes wherever the invisible man goes, staying in one place causes severe droughts followed by severe thunderstorms, if she can wait it out a thunderstorm will arrive and she can face the invisible man 4) until the storm
arrives she has to keep the man from leaving town and try to outsmart the gang that trying to drive her out. 5) She has a showdown with the invisible man, but the few town's people she's befriended have taught her kindness and she shows him mercy, releasing him from his spell instead of carrying out her revenge. (c) Britta Frazier 2011

3. Panels


  1. woah, I like that. . . water dependent but on an arid western planet - there's your conflict, everyones invisible all the time and the only thing to make them visible is a rare commodity. very cool idea, and I appreciate the pictures/explainations - very well done!

  2. sorry to comment again, but I thought in the last comment I was being too much of a fellow artist and less of a teacher. I still have good things to say but would like to say it in a way that explores the purpose of this assignment. In the first idea you chose a spaghetti western format, its a good idea because it allows you to reference something that is already full of many storytelling tools. The second idea is good because it allows for a type of character development approach that is both interesting and unique. You have a possible milieu, character, and idea. 3 out of 4 is pretty good, and seeing the development of your idea in this way will help you nail out the details - for example: a third idea for your story that fills the 'event' gap - not that it is absolutely necessary but at least allows you to think beyond your initial idea.

  3. Is it magic or science and is it reversable?

  4. What if the invisible character is faced with the challenge of having to protect their home/belongings, etc. because the people think that her place is abandoned or haunted since they can't see her. Something like that

  5. Problem: People thinks she's nuts and so she runs into a lot of road blocks.

    The guy can only turn himself invisible so food he eats and clothes he wears can be seen...?

    It's a Native American curse and should he ever be in salt water he'd return to normal. Perhaps she's a thief and she wants him to be her partner. However he decides he wants to be see-able and is heading towards the Gulf of Mexico and she's trying to stop him.

  6. Since some of these people are water-dependent, there could be a water/weather cycle (once a week, year, decade, etc.) that limits their appearances.

    Or... they can only bee seen during the rain, but they can only be heard during a drought, or lack of rain.

  7. so there's a species invisible when not in water. i was thinking about what's required for this species to survive (what they eat, drink, etc.)

    which got me thinking of this limitation - the species is harmed when attempting to interact with the (visible) world while they are invisible.

  8. If the woman is invisible why would she be wearing clothes, she can't be seen anyway? What are the materials of her clothes? can they be seen?

    Limitation- Anything that comes into contact with the woman also become invisible for an extended amount of time(ex. hour, day, month)

  9. Flip this page horizontally. It reads better in a comic if we are going from left to right (because the next page is on the right), unless you are doing a manga or something.