Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All-Star Superman review, Chad Ruger

1. IDEA, Secondary:
       Different from Britta, the Idea that I enjoyed most was that of expressing Superman as not only ideal in physicality but in moral character as well.  The introduction talked about how Superman was a savior but the biggest thing he did for humanity was believe in them.  Since I read volume two, this idea is greatly continued in said volume, but even in the first, you notice that superman doesn't only love humanity, but believes in them to create good in their own lives.  In volume two, specifically, he leaves abruptly during a tender moment with Lois and stops a young girl from throwing herself off a building.  Holding her, he says, "You're a lot stronger than you think you are."

2.  PG - For brief partial nudity and violence.

3. Springboard:   It is clear that the writer knows a ton about superman's history.  I don't really know how much he made up, but there were supers from the far future as well as smallville-esque history all mixed in there.  

4: Apply: 
What I really pulled out of this was that even though your story has moral lessons, they don't have to be in the forefront of the story.  They can be brief and ellegant.  And they can be almost unnoticable unless you analyze deeper into the characters.  I really want to write strong moral character in my characters and this was a perfect example.

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