Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blue Pills - Aileen Thomas

Blue Pills.

1. Event: Secondary - Although the story starts with Frederik and Caiti already together the event that set the ball rolling was when he first met her. At that time he was impressed with her and recognized her at the later times they saw each other. As they started to date his feelings for her had grown immensely allowing him to be more able to handle the fact that she had HIV. At the moment she told him, though that was also an event, the ball had already been rolling so I didn't pick that. Kind of like how the Event in Macbeth was when he met the weird sisters and the idea to become king was first place in his head.

2. R For Nudity, Sexual Themes and Language. (Although all meaningfully used in relation to HIV, nonetheless they're there.) This is definitely meant for mature audiences.

3. Well the specific knowledge needed was an understanding of the disease. Frederik, the main character, learned from Caiti, doctors and so on. I frankly learned about it more in depth just from this book. I was concerned with life expectancy and according to a report on studies show that those with medication can expect 2/3rds of a normal life expectancy. The average French life expectancy in 2011 is 81.19 years according to So someone born with it and medicated can likely live to be about 54 which makes me happy since I was really concerned with their son. Granted these are just numbers and one cannot really expect anything but sometimes it's nice to know and hope.

4. Uh, well I'm going to be having a character whose life is tied to a tree, and her life expectancy is about 3000 years. I studied bristlecone pines, which is what she is, and the oldest one is estimated to be 4760 some odd years old. If I wanted I could give her a tree disease and I could do numbers as to how long she'd be able to survive, but that seems rather morbid at the moment.

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