Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making Comics - Heavy Liquid

On Pages 100 to 115 Scott McCloud goes over the importance and use of Body Language in the panels of graphic novels. He teaches us how to use body language to relate feelings, moods, ideas and situations through the poses of our characters. How with just the way the character is standing or moving, we as the reader can tell what he is feeling, thinking, or wanting. Through body language we can tell things about a characters personality, their health, their situation and many other things. This page from "Heavy Liquid" is a good example of this. Through the characters stiffness and static posture we call tell this is a serious situation they are in, they are both standing firm on their positions and actions, and it gives us as the readers a very awkward and uncomfortable feeling. We as the viewer can feel the tension between the two characters without even reading the what the characters are saying. This is a good use of body language.

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