Monday, June 13, 2011

Heavy Liquid - Britta Frazier

Analyze: Character - Secondary
The character is definitely a main focus of the story but for it to be primary the story would have to be focused on a significant change in the character's personality. For the most part S remains the same throughout the story. The events he goes through don't necessarily make him better or worse. And if he does go through any change of character it is not a central part of the story. Idea or Event would be considered primary.

Rating: PG-13/R
For language (5 F words), violence, and drug use. Drug use especially is a main theme of this comic.

Springboard: Paul Pope would have to be familiar with different languages since some of his characters speak Spanish, and French. Either he'd need to speak them himself or use something like Google translate. Also, since the story takes place mostly in a large, crowded city, good reference would be needed. I for one cannot draw buildings from imagination alone, but since Pope lives in New York City good building reference is right on hand.
The story takes place in the future, but the car/trains and stuff still look very modern day. I did some follow up research on bullet trains (since a few scenes take place in trains), just to see what they look like inside and out. I can see what kinds of designs Pope stuck with and what he modified to help his story visually.

Apply: I've been struggling with figuring out the kind of line quality/style I want to use in my own comic.. Heavy Liquid was an excellent example of how to effectively use bold, think, and messy (but controlled) lines. It's unique and has a distinct visual impact. Probably not what I want to use in my comic, but it's good to see options.

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