Monday, June 13, 2011

Making Comics - Moving Pictures

On Page 184 of "Making Comics" Scott McCloud teaches us about tools, techniques and technology. We learn about the different tools that comic book artists use, the techniques they employ and the technology they take advantage of to make their comic book more pleasing to the viewer and ultimately more successful. This page from "Moving Pictures" is a good example of these things. From the panels and the artist's use of high contrast and positive and negative space and shapes we can conclude that if this page were done traditionally it was mostly likely layed out in graphite pencil, then inked with a pen and ink. If the page was made technically it was most likely layed out in graphite then scanned into a computer and inked using one of many multimedia programs available, like Photoshop for example. But without these tools and techniques the artist would not be able to successfulyl depicted the narrative for the reader.

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