Monday, June 13, 2011

Making Comics - Tout Seul - Aileen Thomas

(Pronounced "Too Sell.")

In Making Comics this week I read several chapters in order to finish it so I plowed through a lot of really great information. But I want to talk about the tools an artist uses. Armed with the basic information given by the writer I tried to guess what kind of tool Chaboute used in Tout Seul. Judging by the coarseness of the drawings, the little thickness variety and the fierceness of the detail I guessed he used nib pens of different sizes.

Then I saw this video where Chaboute himself was talking about the inspiration behind Tout Seul and you see a shot of him using those tools. I made a lucky guess.

As for the video, it's all in French, so I'm sad about that.

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  1. don't mean to be a French nazi, but I think it's pronounced more like "Too Sull" the 'u' in Sull sounding like the 'u' in "fun" or "gum"

    rad video find!! thanks! i totally forget sometimes that real people are making these comics and the stories aren't just magically happening themselves.. haha.