Monday, June 13, 2011

Tout Seul - Aileen Thomas

(Pronounced "Too Sell" with a French inflection.)

1. EVENT: Primarily Secondary... although only somewhat. The event is when the younger sailor decides to leave a note for Tout Seul. He asks "What would make you happy?" Until this point all of the scenes we've had with Teut Seul were somewhat light hearted, albeit naive. As he reads his dictionary he imagined a great battle stalled by a butterfly, he envisioned his tiny lighthouse as a labyrinth and even tried to envision what an oboe might look like. Upon receiving this note he looks after where the sailors have gone and stands motionless. This idea sticks with him and begins to change him. Soon he finds himself reading words like "solitude" which strikes at his heart and "monocotyledon" whose definition he cannot begin to fathom. On and on he thinks about this simple question until finally he acts and his whole world is changed.

2. PG and a half, for brief language (unless you're French and these words are more common to you).

3. Springboard - The author had to know French. Just kidding, um...The artist must have studied a lot of boats and learned at least some basics on boating in order to get the images to be convincing. I decided to learn boat terms since they're mentioned and I found these nifty diagrams.

4. Well, my story takes place in a desert, so no boats. However I am using a tree ... I could learn correct terms for the tree and for the freeway nearby...?

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