Monday, May 16, 2011

Czuba/Stab (Final Project) - Brandon Pedersen


1. Taking place in the early 1960s, a young albino boy (12), spends his days and nights after school on his front porch, existing in the public eye to keep from being abused privately by his alcoholic mother and her string of physically abusive boyfriends. The next-door neighbor, a large, imposing man, and an urban operative for the CIA (read hitman/torturer), befriends the boy, eventually teaching him the tools of his trade.

This idea came to me in a dream, though admittedly it has its roots in Luc Besson's The Professional as well.

2. A kitchen knife, upon awakening to sentience, ponders its identify as a tool, a weapon, and its own sexuality, as it decides whether or not to remain a knife.

While the idea itself came in a dream, the concept of an inanimate object awakening to a higher order of intelligence was inspired by a film, Rubber. Also I've done research into certain paraphilia's, namely piquerism, which I find fascinating but no one else here should look into it. Seriously. People are screwy.


Big Picture: (1) During the 1950s to investigate/interrogate individuals of interest regarding communist infiltration of the United States, the CIA instituted what came to be referred to as, urban operatives. (2) Finding the job to be too difficult for one man, a particular urban operative began to recruit and train independent civilians, creating a network of trained assassins and interrogators. (3) These operatives are to consider their instructor's edicts as law, commands from an exacting God. The one rule that must never be broken, getting greedy, taking on private interrogation/assassination contracts. (4) Dissatisfied with their lives under the thumb of their urban trainer, certain individuals break away from their group, transgressing the one law in order to improve their own lives, or other private gain. (5) The process of hunting down these rogues dissolves the group almost entirely, leaving a number of eccentric, well-trained killers to their own violent inclinations.

Short story (page number undetermined): (1) A young albino man awakes inside a storage unit, outfitted as a safe house, with no memory of who he is or how he got to his present location. (2) Wanted by the police for leaving the scene of an accident he's arrested brought to jail where its discovered he has no finger prints and all images taken of him are disrupted by white noise. (3) About to make his one call, the phone rings and a voice tells him he's in for some trouble. Soon after our hero is confronted by an obviously well-trained operative, trying to kill him. (4) On the lam our hero has a flash back, he sees himself as a young boy, being trained by an unnamed operative. Learning how to clean and dispose of a body. (5) Using the information contained in the flashback our hero kills his assailant and cleans the body, leaving no trail but inspiring more questions.

Part Three - Drawrings


  1. Limitation: The boy is in delicate health. Maybe he has ridiculous allergies, OCD, phobias that make it difficult to do what the CIA operative teaches him.

  2. The boy can't operate at night because he is so albino he almost glows...

  3. The kitchen knife has sentience but it can not move on it's own accord. However it is very persuasive and moves by convincing other people to move him and do his bidding. He has great powers of persuasion on weak willed and emotionally unstable people

  4. The kitchen knife is falling for the ... spatula and wants "it" to become sentient like "itself."

  5. The boy is angry about life but is still a small, skinny coward. He also squirms at the sight of blood.

    Knives have specific functions and purposes. This sentient knife has been used for specific things. If it decides to become a human, it retains instincts to do only what it was used for as knife.

  6. the tools of the CIA hitman guy's trade are.... HIS MIND!! (like those guys that stare at goats and stuff)

  7. The knife is difficult to use. Because for every task it questions whether or not it actually wants to do said task. Or demands to be asked nicely with a "please."

    Or the knife at the beginning of his sentience, before it knew better, or how to resist was used for murder. Now it struggles with it's purpose in life-"was I made to cut vegetables, or flesh?" and frequently has nightmares about the subject.