Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Comics - MEKA

On page 80 Scott McCloud points out the importance of facial expressions in comic books and graphic novels. He advises that without good facial expressions your characters will be far less readable and relatable to the viewer. This may cause the viewer to have less empathy for the characters, care less about relating to them and may lose their interest entirely. Facial expresions are important to knowing what and understanding what the charcters are feeling and doing. On page 33 of "MEKA" I have no idea what the chararcters are talking about, because I do not understand French that well. But through each characters facial expressions I am able to know and understand what the charater is thinking, how they are acting, why they are acting that way, and why it is important to the story. For example, the look of annoyance, angst, and frustration on the male characters face in the few final panels of the page let me know that he is upset and annoyed by his female companion without the use of any language I am completely fluent with.

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  1. good point, and to continue on this idea, I think that the repetitive expression of the female helps to contrast the hers and the male's emotional state on this page. Good observation, and a great reference for drawing comics.