Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Travis Walton - Adam Borgia

Having Travis Walton come and give a short presentation was great. I liked hearing him talk about the collaborative process involved in all the stages of making comics. I imagine that it's similar to other artistic projects, which is why I found it so relevant considering the projects I am currently involved with. It brought up in my mind a dilemma that I wonder if all artists encounter--how much do you sacrifice your vision in favor of just getting a job done, and what's more important to you, getting paid or having something you're proud of with your name on it?

He continued on this idea of "balancing" and the "give-and-take" by bringing up or mentioning little things like how important it is to listen to your gut (or the Spirit for those of us who understand the context he was using) versus simply following what looks good on paper. I don't know how many other professional people would make that kind of statement, so it was nice to hear.

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